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My Story

Introducing Waggon Tails Mobile Dog Grooming LLC, locally owned and operated by myself, Kathy Winston. I am a professional groomer with over 30 years of experience, and I was raised in Kailua.

I started my career after I moved to San Rafael, CA, and apprenticed at Gay’s Doggie Salon back in the early 1980’s. Here I learned brush drying techniques, safe de-matting of coats. Proper bathing and drying procedures, so the coat is ready for the finish groomers to cut the hair. We were also taught how to clip toenails, express anal glands and spot any issues our clients might be having, such as hotspots, tender ears, and the like.

Keeping your dogs groomed so they are comfortable, and you are happy is my goal.

Kathryn Winston

The Waggon Tails Van

My van is fully self-contained, with a full-size tub, hot water, a hydraulic table, also air-conditioned for comfort. It is a relaxed atmosphere for the dogs as they are being groomed. With my mobile grooming van, your dog will get my undivided attention, and the overall grooming time is between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the dog, or the condition of the coat.

Alice Dickow

My very skiddish but sweet dog got groomed and is so happy and. Looks even more handsome than usual!He loved Kat!!!!!

Alice Dickow
Buck Degener

Beau loves when Kat comes over, he struts around like he is the top Dog ( Zoe stills is the top dog) after Kat gets done . Very good with Beau and she is very affordable.

Buck Degener